Model query bug in child relationship names

I made this video before I found the bug.

I subsequently was reviewing the model for issues since my rip and replace procedure. There was nothing wrong from that perspective. I found an issue in condition of the child relationship. It was referencing a model whose name had been changed.

I actually don’t need the child related fields in my model so I removed them and it started to work. I would’ve thought an error would be displayed.

<field id="Quote_Task_Labour__r" type="childRelationship" limit="10"> <fields> <field id="Quote_Labour_Rate__c"/> <field id="Quote_Labour_Rate__r.Labour_Rate__c"/> <field id="Quote_Labour_Rate__r.Labour_Rate__r.Rate__c"/> <field id="Quote_Labour_Rate__r.Labour_Rate__r.Name"/> <field id="Labour__c"/> </fields> <conditions> <condition operator="=" type="modelmerge" field="Quote_Labour_Rate__r.Quote__c" value="" <b>model="CurrentQuote"</b> enclosevalueinquotes="true" mergefield="Id" novaluebehavior="noquery"/> </conditions> </field>

So the bug seems to be that Model Names are not being kept in synch when they are used in a “field from another model” condition in child records fields. 

I’ll pass it along. 

Pat.  This has been fixed and will be included in our upcoming release.