Model not being accessed in deployed page

We have a javascript snippet in a template that takes in a skuid model and writes it to the page in HTML. When we preview the page it is fully functional and does what we need it to. We can even query the model in the console using “skuid.$M(‘quizQuestions’).data” and it displays all of the info. When we deploy the page and view it using a test user the framework of the page displays(all of the tabs and videos) but the javascript in the template does not run. When we run ‘skuid.$M(‘quizQuestions’).data’ in the console it displays nothing. What could possibly be the issue? and what can we do to get the models to pull into the deployed page?.


Does the test user have access to the object and to any records in that object (i.e. they are the owner of the record or they have View All on the object)?



Thanks Bill! That worked!