MODEL_LOOKUP fails if model name starts with number

Defect/Issue Description: MODEL_LOOKUP fails if model name starts with number
A description of the bug
You can create a model on a Skuid page that starts with a number, for example “60_percent”. I added a row to a model with the formula MODEL_LOOKUP(60_Percent,sumAmount)

When I query the model, I do not get an error in the UI or in JS. However, I see a lot of jquery warnings, and the model query never completes. The warnings look like this:
@ vendor.js:2
vendor.js:2 jQuery.Deferred exception: Expected “!”, “&”, “)”, “,”, “.”, “=”, “and”, “or”, “|”, [ \x0C\n\r\t\x0B -
], [/%*], [0-9], [<>], or [-+] but “_” found. undefined undefined

If I change the model name to “Sixty_percent” the warnings are gone and the model queries successfully.


  • API Version: (v1 or v2) v1
  • Release: (Chicago, Boston, etc) Dubai
  • Release version: (Version Number) 15.0.11
  • Platform: (Managed cloud or Salesforce) SalesForce

Brief Summary of the Defect/Issue: MODEL_LOOKUP fails if model name starts with a number.

An easy-to-understand description of the bug (e.g., “When mass selecting items (not including clicking the ‘select all’ checkbox), other checkboxes on the rows selected appear to take on a checked value.”).
See above

Action Performed:
The action that resulted in the bug
Query a model with a MODEL_LOOKUP formula field where the name of the model in the formula starts with a number.

Expected Result:
How the page should have performed
Query should have succeeded.

Actual Result:
How the page actually performed
Query blocked by jquery warning.

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I can provide the page if needed.