MODEL_LOOKUP as default value

I love the Model_Lookup formula feature. Is it possible to use this as the default value for an editable field? The way I understand it, you can only use it in a read-only formula field. 

Any way to leverage this in other areas than just Ui-only fields?

Hey Craig, it kind of depends on your use case.

if you want to to set default value for new records:

  • A handy way to do this on models where you’re creating new records is to just create conditions on the model for your default values, e.g. on an account page where you have a new contact model have a condition on this model where AccountId = the Id from Account Model, one where Mailing Street = BillingStreet from Account Model, one where Title = Business User  etc.
  • Another way is to use the action framework when you’re creating new records (like when a user clicks on a button, opens a drawer or a popup) to activate a set of conditions and query a model and/or create a new row on a model with default values x,y, and z (you add the default values right in the action framework and can use merge syntax to bring in values from other models.)
  • Another way to do this with the action framework is to use the update field on row(s)action type.

Does it sound like any of these options will work for you? What exactly do you want to do?

Hi Anna,

Not quite. I’m familiar with those default values for creating new rows. I suppose my use case is a bit more complicated. I have a table based on model A with one editable field (and a bunch of read only). This is a quantity field that I would like to look up to another model B on a per record basis and assign a default value for existing records. Currently I do this with a tab-load javascript snippet that loops the aggregate model B, and mass updates rows in model A with the value from model B. 

Think of it like an editable vlookup. I would like it to default the values from my model_lookup, but allow the user to change those values later. Right now my current system works well, just wondering if the model_lookup would be expandable to other areas than just read-only fields.