Model for Complex filter logic of Lookup filter

Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. I am new to skuid and still learning.

I want to filter the county lookup (Cutom lookup) field in Account based on the custom state field in the county and Account object. Ex. If the state in the account record is Florida, it will only show the county that is associated to Florida state.

I achieve the above requirements using the normal lookup filter in skuid but we need to add another criteria which is “It should not filter the county lookup field if there is no value in the state of account”

So, I created a model on County object but it is not working as expected, please see attachment below.

There might be something that I missed, please let me know :smiley:

I have created the same lookup filter in salesforce but for some reason this is not working in skuid pages.

Is the lookupFilter model being queried before this model is queried?