Model & Field "Usage" listing, Object and Field Name Updating

There are plenty of times when I’m building that I’ll have an orphaned or unused model or field. Mostly on fields.

I’d like to be able to see a list of everywhere each is used in the page. That way I can better manage changes to their names in Salesforce and how to fix the page accordingly. I know it’s relatively easy in XML, but working with XML isn’t all that elegant.

Also, once I’m done building a page, if their are fields I never ended up using, I could then remove them from the model to make loading faster. A bracketed (#OfTimesUsed) beside each would be awesome.

Taking this another step further, it would be nice to be able replace orphaned fields with the new field name. I expect this to be a little tricky since the XML doesn’t dynamically update itself based on the name in the model. Further to that, doing a find and replace in the XML would require find and replace on both quoted “Field_Name__c”, templated <<#Field_Name__c>> and who knows what else.

Yup Pat - this sort of “page audit” feature has been bounced around several times over beers on Friday afternoon. Skuid is a really great prototyping tool, but it is not exactly easy to clean up the evidence of your “wrong turns” and “false starts”