Model editor tree items: number of elements indicator

This one is pretty basic, but it could be implemented in many ways.

What I suggest is a number in parentheses indicating how many of either Fields, Conditions or Actions there are for a particular model in the Model editor tree.

I’d like to see (at-a-glance) which of my subtree items contain elements.

Unlike this :

Where the “Actions” node has no children and is the same the other subtree items that do contain objects, as seen below:

Instead, something like the following could be shown to me:

Making it obvious that my “Actions” node contains no elements.

We are planning to add “micro-indicators” to various areas of the Page Composer in an upcoming release - we’ve been discussing this for awhile, but “tree” properties are definitely one of the primary areas where we’d like to add indicators. We’d also like to add indicators in the main composer workspace, for instance to show whether a given component has any Rendering Conditions on it so that you can tell at a glance without clicking to show its properties. Lots of areas where this paradigm would be useful, for sure!


I second that. They are going to be super-useful!