Model editor tree items: color-coded buttons please!

Buttons on model editor items other than the delete button should not be red.

Dev note: the different button types should each have their own classes (each with their respective function-matched colors) for the buttons to inherit colors correctly as they all currently belong to the same class of objects.

i.e. we currently have:

I want:

And deleting like below

should be very visually different from adding elements as such:

Hmm, interesting.  How about these?

Sorry, could not resist.  Working late and hyped on too much caffeine.


TOTALLY Agreed - we need different styles for action buttons that create, modify, and delete. It’s way too easy to accidentally click on “destructive” buttons right now without triggering a “DANGER! DON’T CLICK THIS!” impulse in the brain, when all you were trying to do was click on a different red button next to it which, unintuitively, is non-destructive. And conversely, your brain fears to click on these non-destructive red buttons when they’re actually quite safe! 

Under consideration!

Thanks! and yes, precisely! My main use-case was when watching someone ahem work on a skuid page(from a bit further away from the monitor, or on a video) I sometimes can’t tell which button is being pressed. The down-pressed button colors also need to be accentuated a bit