Model conditions in v2 not working

I’m just starting to use v2 to build my pages (I’ve done TONS of very advanced work with v1), and I’m running into a very frustrating issue for a single record page I’m trying to build:

My page is ignoring the model condition that requires record id = " " 

In v1, when I entered that condition and tried previewing my page, a popup would appear that would ask me to enter in a record to display.  In v2 it is just loading the (blank) record page and not prompting me enter in a record id.  

What is more frustrating is that I’m trying to force it to filter using a URL parameter, but that isn’t working either:


The only way I can get it to load a specific record is if I key in the record ID in the model conditions.  

I know this a very basic issue, did something change between v1 and v2 that I’m just missing?  Please help!!!

Hi Gary,

Glad to hear from a seasoned V1 Skuid user! I’m sorry that V2 is giving you some trouble. As a sanity check, can you take a look at your model condtion, to make sure that the Value section has the Content set to come from “Page/URL parameter?” Looking at the screenshot, the condition may be missing this setting.

Here’s what it should look like, if I understand your intended setup right:

Argh.  Clearly I’m a bit rusty.  Thank you for the prompt response and your very obvious answer.  Can’t believe I missed it!!