Model Condition State: "Always Off" vs "Filterable Default Off"

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Hi Pat,

To answer your other question, I think the weirdness you are seeing has to do with the name of your second condition.  You named your second condition “id”.  A feature of Skuid is that named conditions will look for URL parameters with their name.  If they find one, they will activate themselves and set themselves to the value of the parameter.  I’m guessing that your page does in fact have an id URL parameter being sent in.

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Explains so much!!!

We’re working on getting this added to the documentation for conditions.  One quick tidbit that will be added there when it is up is that there are two special values you can send in your URL parameters as well. “-on-” and “-off-” will activate or deactivate a named condition.  So if you had a URL like this “MyPage?MyNamedCondition=-off-&MyNamedCondition2=-on-” Those two conditions would have their default states overridden to what the parameters told them.

Does this work in V2?