Model Child Relationships - Multiple Instances

I need to do rollup values from the standard Task object to my custom Project object. Apparently the Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary doesn’t work with recurring tasks.

So now I’d like to use the Child Relationship multiple times with differing conditions in order to get Task Counts for each scenario. ie. Overdue Tasks, Total Hours Completed (rollup on custom field), etc.

I’d have to make use of a snippet to do anything other than a count, but no big deal.

I’m figuring that this something that isn’t possible with Salesforce SOQL. :confused:

I don’t otherwise have a solution, unless I go to custom apex, which I’d clearly like to avoid.

Anybody have an idea?

K. I have a solution but it’s not perfect.

Add Task Aggregate model.

Create Read-Only UI only fields on Project object and use snippets to get values from Agg model using record id to find values.

You could also use ModelLookup function in UI-only fields on Project Object, see Rob’s response here: