Model BUG for sure.

I’m not sure if I’ve found all the root causes to my model issues, but I know I’ve found two potential issues.

Pat, sorry to keep you waiting on this one. It sounds like Ben diagnosed the second problem already. As for the first one, I think you uncovered a little-known “feature” of Skuid, which can be really useful (but resulted in a conflict in this case). When you have a filterable condition of a certain name, you can control this condition with a url parameter of the same name as the condition’s name. For example, if you have a condition called OppId, you can activate and set the value of this condition by including OppId=006U0000004I3zOIAS (or whatever the opportunity Id is) in the url. You can also activate or deactivate a condition by including OppId=-on- or OppId=-off- in the url. And since url parameters are case insensitive, since you named your condition Id, including either Id or id as a url parameter would try to populate the filterable condition. So in your case, it will work correctly if you either remove the second condition or rename the first condition. Hopefully this is helpful information for future use!

Fair enough. Can the please have this updated in the help button.