Mobile Vs Regular Skuid page


I’m kinda lost on the mobile Builder and would like some advice from Skuiders who use/built them

As I have not until today really made anything to do with mobile, I’m not sure where to start 

My use case: page available to the public 

1) Can i use regular Skuid page, and would my clients be able to use them like a SF user but on their mobile?  (i created a Skuid page for my site, and it works well on desktop, but from my initial testing, page is cut off on my mobile, I only see one of the panels)
this is my preferred option, as I would not need to redo it all twice, and as well use popups,tables… and a familiar builder

2) Is the mobile builder, practical because i can create/edit page from mobile, or DO I HAVE to use those type of pages for mobile users?

3) if yes to #2, is there a way to determine if user if coming from pc or Mobile and redirect to appropriate page ?

4) anything thing you might want to share


Mobile is tricky. - You can view full Skuid pages on mobile browsers that require a lot of pinching and zooming, but otherwise work well. You have to play with the layout out using responsive grids and wrappers to get the pages to display well on laptops all the way down to iPhones. prefer this personally, but a true mobile layout is definitely more convenient and quicker loading. -Mobile layouts are more restrictive by nature because you don’t have much room, horizontally. Plus you don’t have all the options available in the full Skuid page builder. - you also have to consider Salesforce 1 and whether you want to have pages display in it. Depending on your Salesforce settings, you could impair or prevent regular skuid pages from displaying correctly in mobile browsers. I haven’t been able to get full skuid pages to display in recent versions of Salesforce 1 even if I set them to display in mobile. The crash the app. - Now lightning is involved too, so you have to coordinate your mobile settings with your VF page’s mobile settings with your lightning settings. As an example, in one org I didn’t design mobile pages, but designed every Skuid page to be responsive and they render really well on mobile (but require a lot of pinch and zoom). It works pretty flawlessly. - in another org, I built mobile pages and wanted them to work with Salesforce 1. I can still access my full pages in the Mobile browser, but every time I try to navigate to a new page, a I get redirected to a Salsesforce page asking if I want to open the page in Salesforce 1. This is due to the org’s mobile settings. It is a pain and I wouldn’t recommend it if your users actually utilized it, which my users in that org do not, so it doesn’t matter. Hope this helps