Mobile responsive tables in version 10 are really nice. Close button on panel doesn't work.

This is both big praise and small problem. The Mobile tables are really nice. I really like the collapsing filters that open in a sliding panel and wouldn’t mind seeing that as an option in the regular desktop layout. One small issue is that the close button on the filter sliding panel doesn’t work. You can press in the main page to get the sliding panel to go away, but the close button doesn’t do anything. The table is on a page include, so that may have something to do with it. Version 10 Latest IOS Mobile Safari


I’ve been able to reproduce this, and it looks like it’s an issue on Safari but not on Chrome (on iOS at least). I’ve notified the developers, and we’ll let you know when it’s fixed in a future release

Strange… now the close button works, but the filter buttons don’t on iOS.

Hmmm. From what I remember the filter buttons worked as they should on iOS. Does it not let you press the filter button or does it filter incorrectly / not at all?

It was working when I originally posted this thread. It lets me press the filter and it gives a little visual feedback that it was presssed, but nothing happens.

Raymond, is this the post you’re referring to as completed in this post?


Awesome. Thanks.