Mobile page, lookup field bug (?)

When on a mobile page and trying to search for a record in a lookup field (set to Auto-Completed), the “box” with the results detaches from the field as soon as you hit the screen in any way. (This happens when viewing the page on a laptop as well, but I don’t hear complaints about it because people are usually more careful/aware when it comes to scrolling on a laptop.)

I’ve seen it happen in:

  • SF1 app (iOs)
  • Chrome (Windows 7)
  • IE 11 (Windows 7 - yes, I’m behind)

As of today (when I installed Banzai), I’m noticing that the solid background of the box has disappeared, too, making it really difficult to read:

Thanks Monica.  This is a known bug in our Banzai release.  We will get it fixed in an upcoming patch release. 

is this still not fixed?