Mobile page issues since Lightning rollout

Built out my mobile page for “wizard” that allows our sales users to easily close out their meetings while on the road.  We are having major issues with page freezing after updating only one field.  Are there any other Skuid users experiencing this issue and any solutions?  We just went live on Salesforce Oct. 9th and are having constant issues with Skuid mobile.

Can you give us some more detail on this issue? 

-  Does it happen on desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices? 
-  Are you using SF1 here?  Does it happen if you go to the page directly rather than going to SF1? 
-  If you can make it happen in the browser,  can you open developer tools and see if console errors are shown? 

We think we can help you here. 

Sorry for the delay on this. It turns out it is a Salesforce issue (known). Users only have to close out of the error message to continue working in the mobile Skuid pages. Thanks Rob!

Thanks for letting us know.  Hopefully Salesforce gets the issue corrected soon!