Mobile page - Case detail

I have built two panels Open cases and case Detail. I’m trying to add the case owner name to the detail page but it is showing up blank. I did notice when I select that field (owner) the Field Renderer shows it as Custom (run a snippet) with no other choices in the drop down. All other fields that I added have standard renderer.

Hi Jason, can you try removing the Owner field and then adding it back in? I’m guessing there’s something strange going on with the XML for that field. If this doesn’t fix it we can investigate further.

Also, are you adding in the “Owner.Name” field or the “OwnerId” field? 

Hi Zach, I have tried removing and adding the different name fields (Username, First name and Informal name) and they all have the same issue. Do you think I’m stubble upon a bug? Another thing I discovered is when I have selected that field the properties menu is showing up twice stacked on top of each other.

Strange – can you grant login access to Skuid Support and email us your Org Id, as well as the name of the page that this is happening on? If you do we can take a look.

I sent an email to with the info you requested. I only have one mobile page. Thanks Zach

Thanks Jason, we have identified this as a bug and we are working to resolve it. A fix should be pushed to your org in this week’s patch release (5.21.6).

This was fixed in today’s patch release 5.21.6 of Skuid, which is now available on the Skuid releases page and will be pushed to all orgs on 5.21.x during this weekend.

Hi Zach, This patch resolved the issue.