mobile grid - opens account record and skips actions?

I have a grid of account records and an action on the wrapper component to set the main panel to another mobile page.  Within Salesforce1 app, if I tap on the grey space around the name of the account record name it works correctly, if I tap directly on the name of the account record it takes me to the Salesforce 1 account detail view.  If I hit back I end up at the desired page.  Same behavior occurs in preview mode, tap directly on the name of the account record and it takes me to the account detail view.

What am I doing wrong?  I can’t find any where where this behavior is set to occur.

Action set in wrapper component below:

I’m pretty sure that the field name is working as a link on its own.  So when you hit the name you are executing both the redirect action you had defined and the text link function.   You could test this by removing the action from the wrapper and seeing if you still get sent to the account detail page. 

You need to include the account name without any automatic rendering.  Do that with a template component and {{{TripleBraces}}} around the merge field.   This will merge the data all by itself,  with no rendering.   And will allow you to use the actions you specified in the wrapper. 

Thanks Rob.  That was it and I should have realized it.