mobile detail page

I’m trying to build a mobile page with a  Case List and related Case Details, but cannot get the detail page to display any data. I watched and followed the steps from the Mobile deep dive video, but can’t get this working. The case list displays cases, but my details page is always blank.

video showing my configuration -

The problem is that your Condition setting action is not working because the field name is case sensitive.  You are asking to pass {{ID}} in the Value and the field name is {{Id}}.   

(More complicated is the fact that in the model interface we show the Label, not the API name.  And we show it in all caps.  Shame on us…) 

Another note… 

On the case detail model you don’t need the “OwnerId” condition.  It is implied from the case list model. 

Hopefully that will help you out.   Remember to merge fields with thier API Name,  and be careful with case… 

That was the issue.  Thanks for your help!