mobile builder and internet explorer

When trying to open mobile builder from IE11 I only get a blank page and the error “SCRIPT450: wrong number of arguments or wrong property assignment. File jquery.min.js, row 3, column 12453”. If the mobile builder does not work with IE that’s not a big problem since I hate IE anyway. However I get the same problem when trying to view any mobile page from IE and that is a problem since a lot of users unfortunately still use IE. Is there any workarounds for this?

One of our assumptions when we first made Skuid Mobile was that people were going to use it to make mobile pages that would only be used by mobile browsers. We’ve discovered that this assumption was inaccurate, users are using Skuid Mobile pages from non-mobile browsers as well as from mobile.

In line with this assumption, we have not been supporting Internet Explorer 8 for Skuid Mobile. However, we are supporting IE9+, so we will take a look at this.

Any progress on this? I’m still not able to load either builder or skuid mobile pages in IE 11. jquery.min.js, row 3, column 12453 is still logged as error in IE console.

This has been resolved in Skuid 4.15.9, available on the Skuid releases page.

Thanks Zach, I can confirm that it works now.