Missing Snippet for Update Out of Date Themes Button

I was running into a few UI issues in my sandbox development. Just some quirky field alignments and issues with Rich Text Editors not recognizing data, etc. etc.

So I went to go refresh all out of date themes to begin troubleshooting and I discovered the Snippet that the button references is missing from my page.

Unsure whether or not this is an issue but if I am missing this can someone post the code so I can update the page and begin troubleshooting this?

Updated to the 9/20 release and the ‘Update out of Date Themes’ button came back temporarily; however, I went into the back end and the snippet still doesn’t exist.

Have you tried cloning your page, then going to your original page and checking the versions? The Snippet should be saved and accessible even if it was accidentally deleted.

So I cloned the page and the snippet still isn’t there, never been to this side of Skuid pages so i’m just not going to touch anything other than on the clone.

The snippet wouldn’t be in the new cloned version. The new cloned version is just for insurance that you don’t lose what you have. 

Your original page would still have the snippet in it if it was there within the last few saves of your page [however many you set it to be - starts at 20]. You could go back a few versions to see if your snippet is saved in the versioning.

Hmm…now the plot thickens because I just checked our Production org and it’s the same issue. Missing the snippet ‘skuid.themebuilder.updateThemes’ so the update button doesn’t do anything

Were you able to find it in the old versions of the original page?

So I reverted back to the original page and it’s still missing the snippet. I did this on both our Sandbox and Production and both don’t include the snippet and the ‘Update’ button refreshes to showing 0 available snippets upon save.

Is there any more specifics you can provide. Right now it sounds like there was a custom snippet that has somehow been deleted. What was the snippet? What did it do? We’ve never heard of updating themes deleting a snippet before. Was this snippet unique to one page or was it deleted across many pages? 

Sure thing, so the issue started out as being unable to ‘Update out of Date Themes’ because whenever I did, it would result in a white screen that would never stop ‘updating’.
Behavior was similar to the following post in that it took over 30 seconds and in my case, never actually went through: https://community.skuid.com/t/lightning-based-themes-are-broken

So I went into the page details to check out ‘Update Out of Date Themes’ button and see what the issue is. And the button on there that says ‘Update’ is supposed to be running a snippet called ‘skuid.themebuilder.updateThemes’ but that snippet is missing from the ‘ThemeList’ page.

I don’t really know what the snippet is supposed to be doing since this is a Skuid-built page for managing themes; however, the fact that the button references a missing snippet led me to believe something was up with our installation.

I would note that before I went into the page details, I could intermittently see the ‘Update out of Date Themes’ button. But since going into the back end and clicking on the button, it no longer renders in the first place.

Erik did you ever resolve this? I also see that the snippet for updating out of date themes is not available. I’m thinking I could add it in manually if I knew where to look for it or what the content of it is. 

I never resolved that spacing issue but I noticed that it only appears when the Skuid page is used within a lightning component on a lightning page. I switched back to visualforce pages for my create new buttons and they work just fine.

I’m unsure if the spacing issue is related to this; however, I just tested it again and it got stuck on “Recording Skuid version used for Theme compilation…” for about 4 minutes now.