Missing Managed package related list in site user?

Hi All,

We are working on Site pages, we are followed all steps from URL: http://help.skuidify.com/m/11720/l/114236-build-force-com-sites-with-skuid

but we struck at step 5 point D from above url ( D. Select the User and Make sure they have a Skuid Licence )

We are unable to find managed package section in our sandbox.see below screen shot, How we can get? Please help us to add Skuid licence to site user.

!(https://us.v-cdn.net/6032350/uploads/attachments/RackMultipart20150429-14501-9gyuy4-User Teacher_of_the_Year_ salesforce.com___Enterprise_Edition_inline.png “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1196046/RackMultipart20150429-14501-9gyuy4-User__Teacher_of_the_Year___salesforcecom___Enterprise_Edition_inlinepng1430301377”)

Thank you

Hi Shaik,

Your Sandbox org may have a Site License to Skuid, in which case all users will be able to use Skuid, including your Site Guest User. To verify this, go to Setup > Installed Packages > Skuid, and if there is no “Manage Licenses” action link next to Skuid, then you have a Site license to Skuid. 

Hi Zach,

Thanks for your reply, There is no “Manage Licenses” action link next to Skuid.

Let me put my understanding,

There is no “Manage Licenses” action link next to Skuid. means no need to follow point 5 ( D. Select the User and Make sure they have a Skuid Licence ) from our tutorial :slight_smile: .

Site user automatically access our Skuid pages right!!!



The Site Guest User automatically has a license to use Skuid, yes, but will not have actual access to any Skuid Pages until (a) you give the Site Guest User’s Profile the appropriate permissions to view the Skuid Page object (or assign the Site Guest User the “Skuid Page Viewer” Permission Set) and (b) You have Shared the desired Skuid Pages with the Site Guest User (record-level sharing), unless your Sharing Setting for the Skuid Page object is “Public Read Only”, in which case the Site Guest User would be able to see all Skuid Pages you’ve created.

Thanks Zach :slight_smile:

Hi Zach,

Actually I have one more Issue/question? I already posted at below link


Please help me out…