min-width in flexible width

I have set the css

It does not expand any bigger than 400px

I have left the division properties like this:

Shouldn’t it expand up to 1000px. It stays at 400 px. Why

It looks like you’re giving the wrapper (which I’m guessing is inside the grid division) a min-width, but not assigning a min-width to the grid division, right? If you set the minimum width for the grid division (to anything, even 0 px), does it work?

I put this in

It seems to only get as wide as the widest Rich text field even though the table is much larger

Which of the nested responsive grids is the 400 - 1000 width definition applied to?  

If its in the section “Phone numbers associated with…”  then its working as designed because your content is not wider than 400 px.