Millau problem: Components not loaded/rendered on page load

Hi Stephen, 

I am not having issue with data load but issue with component load/render on page load i.e. $(document.body).one(‘pageload’, function() {});.

Here’s is our use case, 

We have our custom global search to search records. If search results is more than certain number (say 5) we display only 5 records on global search and ‘View All Records’ link to display all records. On clicking the ‘View All Records’ link we redirect to a list page and put the search string in the searchbox in the table of  the list page. 

For example, if we are searching for string ‘test’ in our global search and if we have more than 5 contact records with name starts with test we get ‘View All Records’ link on clicking the link we redirect to seach-people list page (we don’t check the box ‘Query on page load’ on purpose) and put search string ‘test’ in the table search on search-poeple page and trigger key-up event to force searching. 

(function(skuid) {
var $ = skuid.$;
$(document.body).one(‘pageload’, function() {         
var searchTerm = pfi.ui.unpackState(pfi.ui.readState()).term;
console.log(searchTerm); // this is will be test if search ‘test’ in our global search
var searchModel = skuid.$M(‘SearchModel’);


This was working fine before upgrading to Millau version. After upgrading to Millau more than 50% of the time it does not work. On our debugging we found that $(‘.searchbox’) is not available most of the time and hence the question.

Are all page components loaded on $(document.body).one(‘pageload’, function() { }) event in Millau?
If no, is there any particular event that we can listen to?
If yes, is this a Millau bug?

‘search-people’ is an example page only we are having this problem basically in every page where we are trying to access page components  with javascript/jquery.

Regarding “When Model saved” action firing before model is saved issue I have created separate post here:…