Millau 11.2 Page Includes and Pages loading slower

We have upgraded to 11.2 and noticed pages and page includes are loading slower.  Previously the page would begin to render and data would dump in and it would feel seamless.  Now the page is waiting 4 to 5 seconds on a white screen and then rendering everything at once.  Any way to get more of a seamless load?  

On page include tabs the tab is clicked and then data shows up many seconds later.  It feels like the page is broke because there is so much time elapsed. This didn’t use to be the case.

I think I figured this one out for the most part.  Somewhere along the way, Skuid got more strict about Id vs id when using a page URL parameter. (It is good to be strict, just unexpected since it used to work). In some cases, I had Id instead of id.  After the update, this would break some of the pages completely.  On other pages, it just took longer to load elements in the page.  If you have broken pages or slow loading page includes you may want to check all your models to make sure the URL parameter is lowercase id.