migrating a page pack to another org

We’ve followed the instructions about creating a page pack, but its not defined how to get the created page pack to appear in another org.


We downloaded the static resource that was created and uploaded it into the target org via the UI but its not available to unpack.

Can we get some clarification on this part of the process?

Hi Timothy,

Can you check to make sure that the StaticResource has a content type of “application/json”? That is required in order for it to appear in the list of available packs to Unpack.

If it does not have a content type of “application/json”, the easiest way to change this is to find the file on your computer, add the “.json” extension to the file name, and then re-upload the file to your StaticResource. 

The guide on Skuid makes no mention of moving the static resource.

Tried uploading with .json extension still made no difference as Mime type was application/text, was able to change the mime type via ecplise and workbench as its not a UI option (which is weird).

Recommend that Skuid updates their instructions as they are rather incomplete.

I’m having the same issue. Manually downloaded and uploaded the json file. Shows up as a MIME Type of “application/octet-stream” in the destination org.

Pat, you may need to go into Developer Console and perform a manual modification of the Page Pack’s Content Type. From Developer Console, in the SOQL query editor, run the following query:

select Id, Name, ContentType from StaticResource where Name = ‘NAME_OF_YOUR_RESOURCE’

Then click Run Query, and you should get a result. Now double-click on the ContentType where it says “application/octet-stream” and change it to “application/json”

Will this always be the case? Seems like a strange way to have to go about updating a page pack…

We don’t usually reccomend manual moving of page packs because of this issue.  A change set is better.  Or moving the static resource using an IDE is even better.  

But as far as we know,  when you download the static resource to your computer - you are always going to need to make sure that the file is saved with the JSON  extension.  Salesforce is not going to take care of that for you.  Bummer. … 

This is an interesting issue. Whenever I have moved page packs, I’ve simply viewed the static resource in my browser, copy/pasted it into a code editor and saved with a .json extension. Uploading that to the new org has always worked without issue.