Method to pass URL params to a table's search box?

Is there a way that I can pass in a string (via URL parameter) to a page with a table and have that string populate in the table’s search box? Currently I can set a model’s conditions with the parameter, but that is problematic to handle when you want users to be able to use the search box and other table filtering options, though I’m open to other options that could accomplish the same thing.

Peter,  there is not any easy way to prepopulate the search results,  but you can pass a parameter that prepopulates a filter.  Your filter could be set on a particular string field that you wanted users to use for thier primary filtering of the table.   Not as powerful as search directly. 

The url paramter is as follows.


If it is a toggle filter, syntax is  &MyConditionName=-on

And of course if you don’t have any other URL parameters - lead with a ? instead of a &…

Hope that helps.