merge syntax within merge syntax?

Can we do something like this?


Perhaps I should just use javascript…

I think I asked this once. I don’t it’s possible. What are you trying to do?

Hmm, looks like I’m going to want javascript anyway… too many conditionals.

I need to add the values of a bunch of fields on a related model into the text of a field. Problem is I don’t know how many rows will be on the related model.

Basically, I have a text field whose value should read “Tested for {{$}}(s)” … except that I don’t think anything like ALLROWS exists?

That should work where you use a component that has a related model. Especially if you use a child relationship in the model. Yup. That’ll work.

Wait… what will work?

You have two objects you’re working with. The first is something that is parent to STD Tests.
So, create model pointing to this parent model. Add a child relationship to the STD Tests object. Drag this child relationship onto a field editor or table component. Choose field(s) that represent the STD Test.

If you don’t want all STD Tests to show up in the Child Relationship, then set a condition on it. ie. Field IsTested is True.

Nested merge syntax within a particular piece of merge syntax is not supported — you must close out one merge before starting another merge.


The problem is, I’m not trying to simply display the data. I’m trying to add the values to a text string (which isn’t on the parent model).

I’m trying to automate the creation of a “Nurse’s Note,” which ends up being a giant blob of text created from the values of a bunch of fields on several different models. That way we still have the Note in the format that the docs want it in, but my users don’t have to write down in a large text field a bunch of the data they’ve already captured.

Use a custom renderer?

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