Merge syntax on ui-only formula fields not displaying data according to metadata

Ui-only field like this:

Merge Syntax like this:


Expected Result in runtime:

Actual Result in runtime:


Anyone know a way around this? the long strings of numbers are getting really ugly…

I suppose I could ROUND(value*100) to all my percent fields, and return them as TEXT instead with + ‘%’

Are you sure that your “percent” field is not a string field?  If it is you just need to mulply it by 1 and then the percentage rendering tools in the formula will work. 


Take a look at the image in the original post. The “Percent” field is a formula field with type Percent.
Length 3, Decimals 0.

Ok,  I misunderstood.  I thought that your formula was:   {{$}}    (Which is a valid formula btw)  I guess you are using the merge syntax to show the field on your page, and in that case you are right - we are not processing the rendering suggested by the metadata override.  This has been noted…

Thanks, Rob…

Any thoughts on when this might be updated? I have to weigh the work of changing all my percent formula fields to text fields with ROUND(old_percent_formula) + ‘%’… or waiting until the fix…

As an aside… being able to use global merge syntax in formulas is awesome. :slight_smile:

any update on this?

I am experiencing this issue as well. Trying to use a Ui-Only percent field in the title of a graph and the meta data is not being honored. Any update on this?