Merge Syntax not being re-evaluated on tab title

Hi I have merge syntax to conditionally display a value based on a model field value on tab title. When I update the field and click on a save action, I don’t see the tab title change. It does display correctly on new page loads. Is that correct?

This sounds right. I have a limited knowledge of skuid as I have only been working with it for a few months. But I would guess without rerendering that Merge Syntax it wouldn’t know that it has changed, which is why you would see it stay the same, and change on new page loads. 

But if i am incorrect I hope someone corrects me and this works out for you.


Good question!

I would check this post out to better understand the issue. See below for the link

Thanks. The link does not work even if I’m signed in on the community.

I’m sorry. That’s my bad. That’s our internal link for editing the pages…

Thanks. I don't use triple braces.


I do think you’re right. A tab title won’t change immediately or at save, but upon page load. There are things that must wait for saving (see link) but I don’t think that the tab titles are “listening” for a change on the page.