Merge syntax for reference field passing Name instead of Id in page include url parameters (9.5.10)

In 8.15.15 we could use {{ReferenceField__c}} in page include url paramenters, and skuid would interpret that and pass the id field to the page include. In 9.5.11 {{ReferenceField__c}} passes the Name, and {{{ReferenceField__c}}} passes the id.

Is that intended behavior?

When did this change?

Matt do you get answer to this question.  The same thing happened to me.  It’s happening in many places

radio silence from skuid on anything I’ve posted in the last week or so.

I opted for the brute force method of changing all the merge syntax for url redirects and page include url parameter strings to triple brackets for reference fields.

And yes, that meant >150 changes to pages across our app. Not fun.

Also not acceptable.  Did you try updating the newest  version 10.05?


This is intended behavior if I’m understanding you correctly. Now, double brackets send over all your data and triple brackets send over only the id. We call it Merge Syntax. This functionality was added months ago.