Merge syntax for condition?

I’m looking to pull in the value of a condition through merge syntax. Can we do that?  I was thinking something like {{$Model.MyModel.condition.0.value}}.

But nothing I try seems to work.

Here is the list of stuff you can get with global merge syntax.

Sorry - conditions are not included. 

You can get them via Javascript though…

Actually you can get them, we need to update that list, Jim you were so close, you just needed to do conditions (plural) (and Rob’s in the dog house again :slight_smile:


Man, its just not my day.  I hate it when the devs are so far in front of us doc and support guys… 

Haha, sweet! Thanks, Zach. I should have guessed that ‘data’ was plural!

No worries, Rob. As much as you’ve helped us over the last few months, you’re allowed to be wrong once in a while.