Merge field for current user

How do I display attributes of the current user (e.g. full name, alias, id) in a template? I thought it would be an easy merge field, like {{$User.Id}}. But that, and a gazillion permutations of it, don’t work. Wonder if someone could put me out of my misery please.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work in the current release, we just added $User as a merge variable in our dev version. In the next release you’ll be able to do {{$User.Id}}. However you can achieve this currently by creating a Model on the User object, e.g. called “RunningUser”, to request the fields you want, and have a Condition where User Id is User Id of the Running User. Then, you can use Global Model Merge syntax to get at the user’s Id: {{$}} {{$}} {{$}}

Thanks Zach, good to know it wasn’t me losing my mind.

Note for posterity:  All global merge values are listed here: