Master page header and keeping table headers visible

Hi everyone, I have a problem concerning the interaction between my master page header and table headers in my child pages.

When I select "Keep Header Visible" on my tables, upon scrolling down, the table header proceeds to the top of the page, underneath my master page header (I can see the bottom of it poking out!). I thought my child page was limited to existing within the page region I specify in the master page? Upon page load certainly nothing creeps underneath the master page header.

Any thoughts on how I can tackle this? I want to keep the master page header and be able to see my table header at the same time.

Not sure if this will solve your problem, but it is worth a try if you don’t find a better solution. Instead of using traditional child pages I create junction pages that use page includes for my child pages. This allows you to keep using the children pages with or without the header so you can display them either way. Example: -Master page name: MasterHeader -Existing stand along page name: ContactDetail -Create a new child page named: ContactDetailWithHeader that is a child of MasterHeader -add a page include to ContactDetail in your new ContactDetailWithHeader Page and pass in any URL Parameters needed.

Hi Raymond, thanks for your suggestion. We use page includes a lot, but not in this particular case, so I was excited to give it a try. Alas, no luck. The table header insists on creeping up underneath the master header…

BOOO… The only other Idea I have is to use a template component that displays an inline frame to your child page.

IFRAME SRC=“YourSkuidPageURLHere” WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=800px

So that does work given that the page you are iframing obviously cannot creep above the top of its frame. Something like that is so far the best alternative, but it will clash with the general aesthetic of the system that we have built.

Ideally I’d like to find a way to simply get my master header and my table header to agree that the other exists, and play nicely accordingly, as opposed to finding a way to just force my page in there.


This is something that skuid should fix, but you can probably find a work-around with the css. Right click and inspect the table header when it’s floating to the top, and see if you can play with the css to drop it down where it should be. Then you can just add whatever your fix is to some inline css on your page (or to your theme, if it’s a universal issue).