master component settings

Similarly to Master pages, it would be great if I could control component settings on a master “Control” component. Every company/Salesforce org typically sticks to one look and feel in how they use Skuid. It’s very difficult to make a change to the standard UX choices made across all pages. Using a master “Control” component could be used to update all components associated to it.


Additionally, it would be great if there was an option to use a master for default settings as well.


Thought about some more and come up with this video explanation.

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Somehow I’d read this idea last week without voting for it? AWESOME idea!

We think this is a great idea as well. Over the next few releases we plan to add more functionality around reusability of styles, layout, and interactions using Templates. The plan is to eventually make it possible for users to set their default component styles (default template or what you refer to as Master component styles) and also make it possible to save a number of “alternate styles” to your design system as well. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Thought of this again.

Default component settings (for example the ability to decide that new field editors always start with one column and without save/cancel buttons), regardless of styling, would be very helpful for reducing page development time.