"Mass Update Selected Rows" is not working in Lightning Community site (12.2.17 (V1))


As of 12.2.17 (V1), “Mass Update Selected Rows” showed up like the below screenshot in the Lightning Community site. When I click the Edit in the popup, the current/parent page is reloaded and I cannot update the selected rows in my table.

Note: This issue only occurs when I select multiple rows with one column has different values.

Hi Kevin,

A couple questions for starters:

  1. Does this same page work as expected when you’re looking at it internally in Salesforce? 
  2. And, is there any chance you’d be able to provide a simple page XML for reproducing this issue? We haven’t heard any other reports of this at this time, so this would help a lot with an investigation.
  3. Did this same exact page work in a prior version of Skuid? If so, which version?

Hi Mark,

  1. This issue only occurs in Lightning Community pages.
  2. Please see my screenshot. The Status column is a picklist field. If you select Mass update on row 1 + row 4 and click the Edit link, you can reproduce this issue.

Hi  Kevin,

I’ve been able to reproduce this in one of my environments. It looks like the Edit link has a # as its URL, and for some reason the community handles this differently. Was this something that was working prior to upgrading to 12.2.17?

If you’re interested, here are the underlying URLs behind the edit links:

Working, when previewing Skuid page: 
Not working in Community builder:
Not working in Community:

Hi Mark,

Did you find any fix for this issue?
I am getting same issue in 12.2.14(V1).

Hey @Nitish_Singh!

I just created a quick sandbox and was able to do a mass action in Chicago (14.4.2) in V2 in the SF lightning community.

I would recommend that you create a separate sandbox to test your app in the latest version to make sure nothing breaks and get all of the benefits and improvements. :slightly_smiling_face: