Mass Update Selected Rows and Initiating Events

I am trying to use an initiating event when a row has been updated via the standard mass update. The initiating event is set to listen for a row update from one field. When the row is updated I want the model to save.

I am finding when using mass update, the fields technically are not updated because they don’t save. If I type in each field the initiating event kicks off without a problem.

My questions is, is it possible to include a before action when using the standard mass update?

Tami. The “row update” model action is set to trigger when the field is updated client side, not when it is saved.  In mass update scenarios it fires when the user pushes the “apply” button on the mass update popup.  Your model save action should happen after you make the field update. 

What version of Skuid are you running? 
Are you sure you have the right field selected in your row update model action? 

Hi Rob,

The way you describe it is the way I thought it should work. I have the correct field selected in the row update model action because if I manually update the row (without the mass update) everything works fine. When I use mass update and click the “apply” button nothing saves. You see the records “waiting” for the save.

I am testing this in my sandbox right now and my sandbox is on version 6.8.14.

Why don’t you try upgrading to 6.8.20 from Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before   That may the answer… 

Upgrading to version 6.8.20 fixed the issue. Thanks!