Mass Update Picklist Blanks out all other picklist fields - 9.5.4


This video wins the “Most Horrifying Noise in Skuid History” Award

Wow!!! I didn’t check the recording. LOL!


Sorry for the obvious question, but are any of those picklists dependent (on each other or a different picklist not on the page)? Are the fields that are blanked out after you mass update picklists or multi-picklists (or a combination of both)? 

Actually. The picklist I’m updating is the Record Type Lookup that’s being rendered as a picklist. I see how that can be a problem here.

Strange though. 2 of the 3 other picklists in the table do blank out, which kinda makes sense. But the third, CurrencyISOCode gets blanked out as well.

Ohh, I think I see the issue. To summarize, you changed the record type and it cleared out all the other picklist fields, whether they were dependent on the record type or not?

All picklists are dependant of record types. It just shouldn’t clear it if the previous value selected in the picklist is allowed for the records type.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Are you still having this issue? I’m testing on 9.5.7 and it doesn’t look like it’s clearing values out unnecessarily

It is for me. Do you have more than one record type on the object you’re testing?

I also updated to 9.5.7 and the issue remains.


I’m afraid I’ve really let this one drag out, which is my bad. I’ll try to get to the bottom and come to a conclusion this time! Are you still seeing this issue? I’m unfortunately still unable to reproduce on 10.0.2 or 9.5.9. I do have multiple record types, and when I change the record type I can see that where a dependent picklist is a value that is an option for both the old and new record type it does not change (if the value isn’t an option for both it goes to None). 

Yup. Still have the same issue. 

Okay, I’ve finally been able to reproduce the problem and can see what you’re seeing. We’ll let you know when this issue is fixed in a future release!


Great. Thanks!!!