Mass update OwnerId

I’m trying to create a list of all of our accounts where the owner (salesperson) isn’t working for us anymore. Then I’d like to mass update the owner id so that I could change multiple accounts at the same time, assigning them to other salespeople from the same city.
The problem is that with MassUpdate the field OwnerId seems to be not available ( while I could update other fields like account city, job and so on).
The field is already available in the model.

Any suggestion?

I’m guessing it is a permission issue with the user you are logged in as. I just checked and I can use mass update to update owner on accounts. Make sure the owner field is in your table. Alternately, Not exactly what you are looking for, but Salesforce has a built in tool called “Mass Transfer Records”. It is under Data Management.

I don’t think that’s a issue with my user, as I’m in like admin…
I’ll check again


To reiterate Raymond’s reply, you should be able to mass update this field assuming it’s in the model and in your table. Were you able to verify your permission settings? If so, and you’re still having this problem, would you mind copying and pasting you XML?


Hi, I found what the problem was…  I’m a little ashamed of admitting that I mistaken two fields and thought that the one that I was using was the ownerId, while it wasn’t…
Once I put in the correct one, everything worked fine.
Sorry for waisting your time, thanks  a lot for your help.


No worries Giovanni. That happens more than you’d think.

Thank you for bringing it up. And thank you for letting us know it has been resolved. That saves us a lot of time.