Mass update love

It seems a small thing, but the way Skuid tables do pagination of data and mass updates is very neatly designed. We’ve just pumped a decent chunk of sample data into our Skuid app and there’s simply no degradation in functionality and performance at all, which is very reassuring. One suggestion: a big selling point is the ease with which tables can do mass updates (far more flexibly than Salesforce enhanced lists), but the page is limited to 50 records. Would you consider making this bigger? Our use case is to have a one special “mass update” page in the app where a super user could make mass updates to large numbers of records easily. Arguably the user doesn’t necessarily need to return thousands of records to the page, but they need to be able to somehow select all records that meet filter criteria and perform an update on them all (not just those that are visible). Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the love! 

I’m a little confused about your suggestion.  I’m not sure what version of Skuid you are running,  but all the current versions allow you to configure tables to show 100, 200 or ALL the rows in your model  (Visible rows property of the table).  If you show all, and set your model max # of records (Advanced tab of models properties) to like 75 - your models will load in reasonable chunks,  and when you get to the bottom of the page - the “Load more” button will let you get another chunk.  

You lose pagination, and record count in that scenario,  but that may be acceptable in your scenario. 

[slaps face] I actually knew that, have done for months, but on a Sunday morning with a toddler throwing tantrums while I was typing, my brain didn’t function fully. Problem solved!