Mass Update field displaying salesforce IDs


I have a table with normal edit function and mass update, where some fields have look up values. I am using an auto-complete for field rendering.

The search returns correct data in edit mode, but for the mass update pop up, the auto complete returns salesforce ids. Do you have any solution for this?


Some questions .

1. What version of Skuid are you running? 
2. Are you sure you are just adding the ReferenceID field that has the lookups?  (On Contact List - just include the AccountId field, not Account.Id or Account.Name)
3. Do you have a custom renderer on that field or are you just using the standard field renderer? 

Skuid has always shown the name field for references - even in mass update scenarios.  So I’m pretty sure somthing is not right with your setup.  

We would reccomend that you upgrade to the most recent version of Skuid (from…  Grin. 

Thanks Rob… Im using ver 6.8.16
Yes, it is lookup and not id or name with just auto complete field renderer.

Will upgrade to the latest version as per your suggestion.

Awesome! skuid version was updated to the latest one. All good now.

Thanks a lot

Glad to hear!