Mass Record Creation Question

I’ve read up on the Mass Record Creation tutorials posted throughout the community but noticed that I couldn’t find anything on having this process work from a basic "Create New ___ " Page. It seemed to me that the majority of the tutorials focused on Mass Record Creation within an account, etc.

First off, I was wondering if it would be difficult to create this type of functionality but from a basic record creation standpoint. So a User would fill out all pertinent Opportunity information (maybe have a field for the # of those records to be created), and then when they clicked Save (or another custom button likely) that multiple records would be created identical to the first and then save.
I say this because we were using In-Line cloning to mimic this process; however, the initial page query takes ~5 seconds given all the extra fields it has to load. And many of our opportunities are orders broken out into 6-12 months so I don’t want to take that functionality away from our users if possible. 

I’ll be building the example from the Mass Create Records example just to have something to develop out of in case this is much harder than expected. Just wanted to get a general idea of whether or not this would be difficult / worth the implementation time. 

You should totally be able to do this.  The tutorial is based on the relationship of a series of records to a defined AccountID.  In your case that ID would be a temporary new ID.  When you save the new master record the temp ID is replaced with a Real Salesforce ID.  In turn,  this id replaces the temp id in all the child records that are still client side waiting to be saved. If your model order is correct,  this should all work… 

Sounds like you’ve got a really interesting use case.  Good luck!