mass join object creation


I am not quite sure I have the description right, so may have missed an answer already posted. 

We have an object call Smart result which can have a many to many relationship to opportunities, this is achieved through a join object called contribution

I am looking for a way to allow a user to
1. Select a Smart result from a list
2. Click "Add opportunities"
3. Filter/ select a list of opportunities in a pop up
4. With one click create join contribution objects for all filtered opportunities and the selected Smart result.

Very new to skuid (loving it) so any help very much appreciated. It is the last step that has me stumped. 



so I’ve got the snippet for creating the contribution objects and for using the selected list of opportunities, but can;t find how to pull in the smart result id. This is in a row for which I have opened a drawer of contributions. Any help much appreciated!


Check out this post:… on how to do it with a wizard. Please let us know if that doesn’t work for your situation.



thank you for post. I may be able to use a wizard. I have the parent object already (SMART result) as and I have the children (Opportunities) in a table with the children I want selected. What I need to create is only the join object for each selected child with the id of the parent. I can’t get my head round it?


Karen, any more thoughts? We are trialing Skuid at the moment and I’d like to get this worked out before the trial ends. Cheers, Ben.


Please check out the message I just posted on passing ID’s to junction objects: If this doesn’t work for you, please let me know.