Mass Action: Send email to multiple people using standard SF functionality

I want to send an email from a Skuid table to multiple selected people at the same time.

Tried hacking the url to include multiple email addresses using a mass action button but the email addresses are not being passed. I have the semi colon in there because that is how multiple bcc’s are separated within SF.

Has anyone successfully configured the URL to send multiple emails?


How are you getting the multiple email addresses together into one “Email” field? 

I thought through the mass action. I have the email field in the redirect url and the model so I thought it would pull it through the mass action the way it does with a row action. Is that not the case?

Thanks for the question Rob, it made me think and realize i was going about it the wrong way. I had to go the way of a snippet for this to work since the email addresses need to be in a colon-separated string. I re-purposed the snippet from this post and altered to suit my needs.

Final result:

&#47;&#47; Get the Email of the selected items as an Array<br />var emailArray = skuid&#46;$&#46;map(arguments[0]&#46;list&#46;getSelectedItems(),function(item){&nbsp;<br /><br />&nbsp; &nbsp;return item&#46;row&#46;Email;&nbsp;<br /><br />});<br /><br />&#47;&#47; Convert this array to a colon-separated String<br /><br />var emailString = emailArray&#46;join(';');<br /><br />&#47;&#47; Redirect to Send Email page,<br />&#47;&#47; passing in the Contact Email string<br />window&#46;location&#46;href = "/_ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?rtype=003" + "&amp;p24=" + "noreply@abc&#46;com" + "&amp;p5=" + emailString;

Glad you got it working.