Mass Action "Redirect to URL" only runs on first row.

I have an action sequence with two Redirect to URL actions, initiated by a mass action on a table. It appears to only run the actions for the first row, not on all rows.

Is it just me?

Do you ahve the URL redirect actions set to open in Blank windows?  Otherwize I think the redirect is hijacking the browser and not letting the action steps continue.  This may be true even if the redirect is set to open in a Blank window.   Its too late to test tonight. 

I had it set to open in blank.

I already went the javascript route on this one, which is working fine.

This still seems to be a problem. Mass actions of the type Redirect to URL (with the target set to _blank) are only opening one new window, no matter how many rows are selected.

Yup. Just had this happen with a client. Was disappointed as we were so close to cranking an awesome solution in 5 minutes time, and now I have to write javascript. No big deal for me but we were so so close!

Skuid, any update on this one?

Any update on this?

It’s not designed to run on all rows. It’s designed as a navigation item rather than a traditional mass action. We have added it as an enhancement request and could potentially see it released in a future update of Skuid.

When can we see features that we can vote on with points and such?

The best method right now is to vote on an idea in the community here by pressing “Me Too”. Our design team does take into consideration how many of these are voted upon. We still aren’t big enough to have the full spread like salesforce yet. Yet.

Wrote a quick snippet to do this until there’s a mass action for it. Create a table mass action to run the snippet below.

var params = arguments[0],&nbsp;&nbsp;$ = skuid.$,<br> list = arguments[0].list,<br> selectedItems = list.getSelectedItems();<br><br>$.each( selectedItems,<br> function( i, item )<br> {<br> var row = item.row;<br> // Open page(s) for each row(s) passing Id of row(s) selected<br> url = "URL TO PAGE TO DO STUFF" + row.Id<br>, '_blank');<br> });<br>