mass action redirect to url not processing merge syntax

A mass action on a table of type "redirect to URL"

My url is:
[root]/PostInvite.aspx?productionMode=false&reviewName={{{Name}}}&reviewEmail={{Email__c}}&reviewSMSNumber={{Primary_Phone__c}}&sendType=sms ... etc.

But the url that's getting sent is:

[root]/PostInvite.aspx?productionMode=false&reviewName=&reviewEmail=&reviewSMSNumber=&sendType=sms ... etc.

The merge syntax isn't being processed. The values are definitely in the model, as they're showing up in the table.


Opening multiple windows via javascript is no problem, so there’s no rush to solve this (for my sake), but it still seems like a mass action with Redirect to URL should open a window for each selected item in the list.

Hi Matt, I could be barking up the completely wrong tree here - but if this is a mass action, do you not need to concatenate the merge values into a comma separated string?

e.g reviewSMSNumber = 0123401792,023471927398,012347912839,0132491234

If you just use {{Primary_Phone__c}} the mass action won’t know which phone number to use?

If that is the issue - I’d try something like this:

Yeah, I already went the javascript route. But other types of actions in a mass-action framework process merge syntax in a row context correctly for each row (such as create row or update row), so why would the same not work for url redirects?

That should work for a row action but I wouldn’t have thought it would work on a mass action across the whole table. Hmm… not sure.