March 17th User Group Announcements!


  • Skuid Skool is now in session! Have you met Cal and Mari yet? Our free, new learning management system offering has been recently updated with a Dubai module - and you never know - rumor has it that we’re randomly sending out gift cards for earning those badges.

  • What’s in a Name? - Skuid User Group naming contest will be posted in Community as well as included in our post event survey.

  • Post Event Survey - We welcome your feedback! Please visit here, or find the survey in Shared Content. We’d love to hear things you would like to see, not see, and learn who may interested in a user group steering community or other opportunities to volunteer to be a customer spotlight or breakout host.

  • Skuid Operational Guide - Stay tuned, coming soon!

  • Next Session - The next Skuid Users Group meeting will be June 16th, 2022 and your Skuid Captain will be Paul Ferris who will navigate you through the water of Human Centered Design!