Map all nearby accounts

I loved the demo of the distance filters during the Banzai release webinar!  I have successfully created a table on an Account Page that will show other customers near the Selected Account record on the page.  This is an amazing feature that saves us from having to spend developer time refactoring our code for a “Smart Travel” feature we used to offer our Sales Reps!

So, the next question from our Product Owner was “Where is the map plotting these nearby accounts?”  I have looked for a tutorial that will help me do this.  I tried a couple with javascript for custom components but I couldn’t really get them to work.

Is there a tutorial published or an example someone can share with me for mapping X number of records in a model that are returned when filtered by distance?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Rebecca, thanks!  We’re so excited to hear how you’re using Skuid - that’s so cool that you already have been able to build a table on “Other Customers Nearby.”  

Did you see this tutorial on building a map component?:

thanks Anna, I did try that but I couldn’t get it to work.  I’m sure it is user error.  I’ll take a look at it again and see if I can find what I’m doing wrong.

Rebecca - the Map that Anna pointed to is fairly static and will not really satisfy your purposes.  We have a to do pending to document the Google Maps component that we built for this demo and release it as a separate item you can add to your skuid.  Please be patient while we do some bug fix work, and get ready for Dreamforce.  

did this ever get released?  I am looking for the same solution