Manual filter source using rows from model should requery model on search

Currently, when using a model source for filter values, the model MUST have the rows already in it for the filter to use.  This is different than the behavior than using a model source as values for lookup field searches where it will issue the remote query as the user is searching.

Having to populate the model with data ahead of time in order to use it as a filter has fairly significant consequences unless the data set is small (think of an Account search field for an Org that has 100,000 accounts where you want the user to locate any account for filtering).

Automatic filters behave in this manner as Skuid issues the query as the user is searching in the filter field.  The downside to automatic filters is that you can’t apply any further conditions or set a default value.

What’s the ask? Have Manual filters using Rows in Model do a “real-time” search instead of requiring that the model have the data already in it.  In short, being consistant with the way all other “search” fields behave (e.g. reference fields, automatic filters, etc.)