managed package setup wizard

Has anyone created a wizard that run when users first download a salesforce app exchange listing developed with skuid?  We are wanting to step new users through a setup wizard to assgin licenses, permissions, enter company info, upload logo and that kind of thing.  Has anyone done this and would you be willing to share it if so?

Hi Chad,

We added a custom checkbox field to user (default ticked) and load our first model with this field included on the page to reveal the current user. ie we load in a model for users with a condition loading the current user id with this “new user” field included. 

Our home page has two top level wrappers on it - one is for new users and other our standard home page

The new user wrapper is a wrapper with a render condition on it to display is current user is ticked as a new user.

If ticked it renders a series of steps we need from the “first time user” page on our home page. Once they finish the various steps we require as a new user the final button unticks this new user field and the render condition on this “new user wrapper” ensures it is never seen again.

Does this answer the question? Happy to help further if necessary.